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Latest Windows Update Messes Up your PDF Reader

When I installed the latest Windows 10 Update (version 1511, released in November 2015), Microsoft messed it up and changed the default application to open PDF file, they changed it to Microsoft Edge to open PDF files even though my Adobe PDF reader application is still there and was not removed.


Here’s what you need to do

Go to settings > System > Default Apps > Scroll down to and click on Choose Defaults Apps by File Type > Scroll down all the way until you find .PDF and change it to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Thanksgiving Celebration for Non-Christians

Non-Christian immigrants to the United States and Canada often find themselves facing this question, Is it OK to celebrate Thanksgiving?


No matter what is your religion (Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Atheism, or any other belief) It’s OK to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is because Thanksgiving does not belong to Christianity, it’s a secular celebration of the harvest and a way of family gathering and thanking God for all the good deeds we have. Perhaps it’s the only big holiday for believers and non-believers.

The Thanksgiving holiday is not observed in all the Christian majority countries. It’s mainly in the US, and Canada. Which is a proof that it’s not meant for Christians alone.

Back Pocket Wallet Sciatica

I used to carry a huge wallet in my back pocket and always leave it there even when driving long distances. Then suddenly I developed sciatica, with hip pain that shoots down the buttock area and the back of thighs.


When I stopped doing this. My sciatica resolved completely.

So guys; never leave your wallet in your back pocket when you drive.

This is also called Piriformis Syndrome.

D10 Water Dose and Numbers in the Neonate

Ever wondered how much in each one ml of 10% Dextrose Water? Do give IV D10W to neonates? Here is some numbers that can help.

By convention when we say 10% Dextrose, this means there is 10 Grams of Glucose in each 100 ml of water. This translates to 100 mg of glucose in each milliliter (ml) of D10W.



The IV Bolus in emergency situations is 0.2 to 0.3 Grams of glucose per kilogram and so we now know this means it’s 2-3 ml/kg of D10, give slowly (2 min) because rapid increase will biget a decrease in glucose level.

While if you are going to use D10 for IV maintenance fluid therapy and If there is no hypoglycemia you can start with 65-80 ml/kg/day just like a regular day 1 neonate total fluid volume. If there is hypoglycemia it is recommended  to start with 100-120 ml/kg/day.

Glucagon dose (if you could not get IV) is 0.03 mg/kg with maximum 1 mg

To calculate the GIR (Glucose Infusion Rate) which is in (mg/kg/min) you use this formula:

Percent glucose in the bag X 10 X  you current infusion rate (ml/hr) divided by 60 X Weight in kg

If your GIR approaches 12 mg/kg/min then think hyperinsulinesm and it’s not just your everyday neonatal hypoglycemia.

What is FAAP designation

The FAAP (also written with dots as F.A.A.P.) stands for Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. I previously thought once you are a member of the academy (paying your dues and maintain ongoing commitment to children well-being advocacy) you can use it. I was wrong, FAAP designation can only be used when an AAP member has successfully passed the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) initial certification exam and thereafter maintained active board certified status through the ABP’s Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.


So you can see above the American Academy of Pediatrics have sent me a congratulations card saying that I can now use the FAAP designation along with (FAAPs care for kids) badge holder. They sent me that because I met two criteria; first I am an active AAP member and second because I just passed the ABP board exam. So now I can designate my name is Firas Salim, MD FAAP.

This is different from the ABP designation. The ABP (which is a different from the AAP) wants us to say Firas Salim, MD, ABP Board Certified in General Pediatrics. They specified that in a recent memorandum to all ABP certified pediatricians here is the link. However, in real practice, I did not see a pediatrician using that long designation after his/her name. Most folks just use the FAAP designation which implies that they are board certified.

Double tap the iPhone home button

There is a new feature in the gigantic iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Because sometimes it’s hard to reach and touch the upper part of the screen when you are holding the iPhone in one hand you can double tap (actually double touch) the home button and the screen will shift half way down so you can reach the upper content, tap it and then the screen shift back up to it’s normal position.

Double Touch iPhone Home Button

Double Touch iPhone 6 Home Button

How to view iPhone home screen in Landscape

Ever wondered if you can view your iPhone home screen in landscape mode! Now with the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus you can do that, see screenshot below

iPhone 6 home screen in landscape mode

iPhone 6 home screen in landscape mode

However, in order to be able to do that you have to change your view mode from the default (zoomed) to the (standard) mode. You can do that by going to settings>Display & Brightness>View

This landscape option is not only available for the home screen but also for built-in apps such as Messages and Mail and several other apps where you can take advantage of viewing more information horizontally. You won’t see their landscape orientation unless you change the settings mentioned above.

How to Free Up Space on your iPhone or iPad

If you are running into space problems on your iPhone or iPad, there is one easy solution for that.

Clean your iPhone for more memory space

Clean your iPhone for more memory space

The iPhone cleaner from AVG is really a cool tool that will free up at least one gigabyte out of your iPhone junk useless files.

This tool comes free as part of the AVG PC Tuneup or their Mac cleaner

iPhone 6 is not yet as big as you thought!

So the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are bigger than the older iPhone devices for sure. But the apps are not yet ready for them!

Take a look at the picture below

Apps are not big for the iPhone 6

Apps are not big for the iPhone 6

You can see above there is no difference between iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 Plus, they are both showing the exact same area of the map, the Google Maps app is not taking advantage of the bigger pixel real estate and therefore it’s just zooming in and showing you bigger objects but not more area.

Take a look at Channel two video here below

Video apps not taking advantage of the bigger iPhone 6

Video dimensions not taking advantage of the bigger iPhone 6

The above screenshot is an entire iPhone 6 Plus screenshot. You can see that the video window is not taking advantage of the entire iPhone screen, instead it’s cropped into the smaller original window that used to fit the older iPhone screens.

The apps are still designed for the 1136-by-640-pixel dimensions of iPhone 5 and not for the new 1920-by-1080-pixel of the iPhone 6 plus or the 1334-by-750-pixel of the iPhone 6.

So the iPhone 6 is not yet big. Apps and developers have not yet updated their apps to take advantage of the bigger screen.

Why does iPhone 5S get Extremely Hot?

My iPhone 5S is heating up occasionally. So I was trying to figure out what is the reason. Of course there are obvious reasons such as revving up the CPU with too many applications running in the background but even after killing all those apps my iPhone 5S continued to heat up in specific situations which I could not find a reason for the heat up.

I figured out the reason, well in my case at least. The iPhone will try its best to connect to a good 4G network all the time and so if you are in an area where there is no good 4G network (these bad signal pockets are all over if you are on AT&T, specially indoors or in remote areas or when you are driving and using the 4G service such as running GPS and a map application) then your iPhone will definitely heat up. To prove that, just switch on the airplane mode and your iPhone will cool down immediately.