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Facebook Suggesting Friends by Location Proximity!

If you said OK to your mobile Facebook app to follow your location by activating “Nearby Friends” feature then you may get this.

Yesterday, I met a person whom I’ve never seen in my life before. I had dinner with that person along with other friends and family members. That person Android phone and my iPhone came close together for about two hours. Then I returned home and opened my Facebook app. Guess what the first person suggested to be added as a friend was the person I just met! We have only one mutual friend on Facebook.

Facebook is now following your location and can suggest friends as they come closer to you in location. Amazing!


Latest Windows Update Messes Up your PDF Reader

When I installed the latest Windows 10 Update (version 1511, released in November 2015), Microsoft messed it up and changed the default application to open PDF file, they changed it to Microsoft Edge to open PDF files even though my Adobe PDF reader application is still there and was not removed.


Here’s what you need to do

Go to settings > System > Default Apps > Scroll down to and click on Choose Defaults Apps by File Type > Scroll down all the way until you find .PDF and change it to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

iPhone 6 is not yet as big as you thought!

So the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are bigger than the older iPhone devices for sure. But the apps are not yet ready for them!

Take a look at the picture below

Apps are not big for the iPhone 6

Apps are not big for the iPhone 6

You can see above there is no difference between iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 Plus, they are both showing the exact same area of the map, the Google Maps app is not taking advantage of the bigger pixel real estate and therefore it’s just zooming in and showing you bigger objects but not more area.

Take a look at Channel two video here below

Video apps not taking advantage of the bigger iPhone 6

Video dimensions not taking advantage of the bigger iPhone 6

The above screenshot is an entire iPhone 6 Plus screenshot. You can see that the video window is not taking advantage of the entire iPhone screen, instead it’s cropped into the smaller original window that used to fit the older iPhone screens.

The apps are still designed for the 1136-by-640-pixel dimensions of iPhone 5 and not for the new 1920-by-1080-pixel of the iPhone 6 plus or the 1334-by-750-pixel of the iPhone 6.

So the iPhone 6 is not yet big. Apps and developers have not yet updated their apps to take advantage of the bigger screen.

Why does iPhone 5S get Extremely Hot?

My iPhone 5S is heating up occasionally. So I was trying to figure out what is the reason. Of course there are obvious reasons such as revving up the CPU with too many applications running in the background but even after killing all those apps my iPhone 5S continued to heat up in specific situations which I could not find a reason for the heat up.

I figured out the reason, well in my case at least. The iPhone will try its best to connect to a good 4G network all the time and so if you are in an area where there is no good 4G network (these bad signal pockets are all over if you are on AT&T, specially indoors or in remote areas or when you are driving and using the 4G service such as running GPS and a map application) then your iPhone will definitely heat up. To prove that, just switch on the airplane mode and your iPhone will cool down immediately.

Make OneDrive Available Offline in Windows 7




So when you are trying to make OneDrive available offline you will search Google and you will land on a Microsoft support page where it says that you can right click on the OneDrive folder and you will see the option of making it offline. However, that applies to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 only.

For Windows 7, OneDrive is already offline! See the screenshot above where you can see in the properties that the entire OneDrive is on local disk. Server Status

Outlook Server Offline

I switched to after using Gmail for several years. I was giving Microsoft another chance, after all we all loved the Windows guys and is an Activesync Exchange server so your emails, calendar, contacts, and notes get synchronized in the cloud and you will always see updated versions wherever you are and whatever Internet-connected device you use. Plus, I’ve always used the MS Office Outlook as my email client on my PC so why not try their new 21st century cloud-based service.

However my dreams did not come true. As you can see in the screenshot above it’s often having problems and their server frequently goes down. In fact their Calendar never get updated in time (am talking like one day and it’s not updated).

Microsoft should not wonder why the other guys are kicking their …. out


iPhone 5 versus Galaxy Note 3

I recently got my iPhone 5S submerged completely in water and so I thought let me change to an Android device and I picked the Galaxy Note 3 and when I did, I lost the following:

Group Messages

Yeah, am not kidding. Apparently Group messaging is a huge problem with Android or at least that is what I faced with when I got the Galaxy Note 3. Most of my friends and family use iPhone and group messaging is actually a common get together venue for us. When I got the Galaxy Note 3, I did not receive them! or I was receiving them sporadically at best. It goes like I receive message one and message three but I miss message 2! In fact, there are third party apps that are designed just to fix this problem and of course most of them have some problems and do not fix the problem entirely.


So iOS has this cool feature where text messages can stream over WiFi and 4G instead of over the carrier’s SMS. So for example my iPhone friend in UK receives my blue texts over the Internet for free without International messaging charges. This feature is not available on Android. Not only that. Apple (and I don’t know if they have done that intentionally) set the iPhone to send text via iMessage by default and if it fails to send it via iMessage it will not send it over regular text unless you go and change the option yourself. So if you have an Android and your iPhone friends send you texts over their iMessage then you won’t receive the messages! This is true if your friend had you as an iPhone user in the beginning and then you switch to Android. The problem won’t appear if you are an Android user from the start.


OK. I am not a super FaceTime user but this really comes in handy when you want to connect to family and friend who are likely to be having and iOS device. Yes, I know that you can replace that with Skype and other services but FaceTime is just as good and it’s native and finally carriers have allowed to run under mobile data plans and no need for WiFi.

Amazon Instant Play

I just can’t believe it that Android does not have Amazon Instant Play app. Come on .. How is that possible.

Google Maps

This is the weirdest thing. Google, wake up! Your Android OS runs a clumsy Google Maps lady voice that is so ugly. Just can’t understand why?