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So I drive to work every day for about 40 minutes one way. I thought the best way to make use of this time is to listen to some pediatric podcasts to refresh my knowledge and also get updates. I previously posted about this but most of those listed in my 2008 post are no longer active so here’s my current experience with what I found. Please let me know if you know some other good pediatric podcasts so that I update this post.

Pediatric Podcasts

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Here’s the list

  • Peds RAP This is a fun modern delightful pediatric education and they invite experts. The free account allows you access to a single chapter per month and the full subscription is for $395 per year for physicians. This is a really fun informal conversation about very relevant pediatric topics. There is sound effects during the podcasts, there are jokes, and you will be smiling if not laughing all the way when you listen to this podcast. This is sort of like how you talk with your buddy pediatrician in the elevator about interesting recent pediatric news and articles. The hosts are Soloman Behar MD from CHLA and Mizuho Spangler DO and the podcast offer full 3.5 hours accredited CME per month. You cannot download the full episodes in iTunes you have to download their free app. This is undoubtedly the best pediatric podcast available.
  • Pediacast and Pediacast CME  by Dr. Mike Patrick from Ohio State University college of medicine broadcast live from Nationwide Children’s. Pediacast is geared for parents but it’s also really useful for pediatricians while Pediacast CME is for specifically designed for pediatric providers and CME credit is available. Both podcasts have their own separate websites (see links above). There is show notes with details and outlines and links to resources. You can download the podcast free on most platforms including iTunes. This is totally free and even there is no commercials during breaks. This is core general pediatrics and things that are really asked by our parents, highly relevant to our daily practice. Dr. Mike usually takes a considerable amount of time explaining and dissecting but that’s probably needed if we remember that the show is listened by parents. Very parent-friendly style.
  • PREP Audio This has retired since December 2014. It was an excellent one hour update and an interview with a specialist in the topic discussed. Really wished AAP brings this back.
  • ReachMD This is not pediatric specific. However, you can pick on demand topics that are related to pediatrics. The iPhone app is easy to use. You can also choose to stream live radio with continuous topics (they are often repeated over the course of 24 hours time). This podcast is free.

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    This is very useful. Thank you very much. I always wondered if there are pediatric stuff out there to listen to during commute.


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