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Pediatric Physical Examination

Pediatric Physical Examination┬áis an excellent book for those who are just learning the pediatric exam but it’s also a perfect refresher for seasoned pediatricians.

Pediatric Physical Examination

This is a complete and thorough journey through each and every system of the pediatric physical examination. Lots of photographs and illustrations will make you comfortable with the pediatric physical exam. Colored tables and pediatric pearls for important information to stand out. For infants and young children it emphesizes the less-invasive to more-invasive approach instead of the head-to-toe approach used in older children and adult exam.

One of the pearls for example that I really liked is the pull the tragus instead of the ear pinna for straightening the auditory canal, really useful trick that I tried on my patients and it works.

Highly recommended specially for medical students and pediatric residents. I think this book should be the recommended curriculum book in each med school.

New Changes in NRP

The new 7th edition of the NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) has a significant change over the previous recommendations.

The new book has been released and you can Order it from Amazon.

NRP Book

NRP Book

Now. We don’t need to routinely intubate non-vigorous newborns with meconium-stained fluid. Previously we used to intubate such newborns before we do stimulation (the fear was stimulating them to breathe would make them aspirate more meconium into the lungs) and do tracheal suctioning.

However, I think the word “routinely” is important here. Yes, no need to do that routinely but if the newborn is sick and not ventilating adequately we still have to do tracheal intubation and tracheal suctioning and follows the regular NRP algorithms.