Ridiculous Bill from Comcast

I recently transferred Comcast services from one address to another at the same state. I did the transfer request online and carried the quipments with me including the Gateway modem and the TV box and even the cable cords. Everything went OK at the new address until I got this bill here


A bill for $630 from Comcast!

After absorbing the shock for few minutes I immediately grabbed the phone (AT&T phone) and called them right away.

It turns out that this is a standard bill that everybody will get when transferring service.! It’s the cost of the equipment that were not returned! Then once they confirm you are continuing with them and using the same equipment they will then wipe off the charges. Seriously, isn’t that weird, why do you send a bill for a customer who just transferred the address across the street.

Dear Comcast, see if you can avoid sending such weird $600+ bills in the future.

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